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For years Mario and Costanza Marsotto, have dedicated themselves to their historic family business. Through their natural curiosity, their friendships they research and explore new territories.

James Irvine is a designer with a precise design language, proportions and signs which were waiting to be applied also to marble. The idea to create a new collection, Marsotto edizioni, was born from the meeting between Marsotto and Irvine, thanks to the empathy between them and the fascinating power of an ancient and extraordinary material.

Marsotto edizioni was launched at the Marmomacc fair in October 2009, with its first collection of multifunctional pieces designed to support and contain. All rigorously made out of White Carrara marble.

In April 2010, during the Milan Design Week, the collection was presented to the general public and the company defined their strategy. Products which are for everyday use but also surprising and sometimes ironic.

From that moment on, under the art direction of James Irvine, Marsotto edizioni has become a collection of pieces which refer to an international culture, like the team of designers who enthusiastically take part in this project.

Marsotto is a venerable stone carving operation near Verona, Italy. Synonymous with excellent quality, Marsotto strongly believes in its business approach and has founded Marsotto edizioni, the brand of its marble and stone interior design pieces.Marsotto is combining different design approaches in its collaboration with renowned international designers to create a growing collection. They are developed objects to use every day, made out of marble: a unique, noble material, rich with memories.All the products comprising this collection have been constructed with great consideration and artisanship. They convey a feel of modernity while preserving the luxury gathered from nature and enhanced by human interpretation.Marsotto edizioni certifies that these natural marble products were created with numerical control machines and traditional artisanal finishes.

Each piece in the collection is numbered; the color and texture of stone make each one unique. Distinctive veining, perceptible inclusions, and subtle irregularities are all desirable qualities of the material used.Each piece has an anti-counterfeiting RFID tag microchip to guarantee its quality. Read the tag by holding a palm pilot or cellular phone with an RFID reader compatible with the ISO 14443 A standard (Mifare Classic) within one inch of the tag.