Y2 Design Consultants is a premier interior design and development management company. Our design philosophy is to embrace a complete way of life and living, one that is tailored to your needs, thus offering something luxurious and unique. Our ultimate goal is to develop and nurture a global brand that embodies and captivates the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Seeking then harnessing the finest materials with the most skilled of craftsmen allows Y2 Design Consultants to sculpt a harmonious living environment. Whether we are designing an apartment, a house, a private jet or yacht, the ethos remains: ‘quality, originality and attention to detail’. We will offer design concepts for individual rooms, through to a whole property, or complex of properties, rest assured that whatever the size, our family of trained designers and architects will never compromise on their goal – the pursuit of perfection. Aesthetics and functionality are the key elements of our overall design philosophy. As individual and unique as the materials we use and the service we offer, are our talented, team of cosmopolitan in-house designers and architects, who search the globe for exceptional materials, furniture, art, antiques and textiles. Our attention to detail ranges from the design and craftsmanship of an individual piece of furniture, through to the selection of a favoured artist and the execution of an overall scheme to suit your own way of living.