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Over the years, the British car industry has seen many legendary names disappear or fall into the hands of foreign groups. Now is the time for a new, truly British car manufacturer: LYONHEART CARS LTD.

Based in Coventry, the original home of the British automotive industry, Lyonheart Cars is synonymous with rare, exclusive, super luxury cars, hand-built in a limited series. The goal at Lyonheart Cars is to make the ‘Made In England’ label into a truthful concept, not just a statement. Every part of a Lyonheart car is developed, engineered and hand-built in England.

The first car ever to wear this kingly name is LYONHEART K.

Its design codes unmistakably reflect the very soul of Britishness at its best: cool, elegant, refined, understated yet powerful and dynamic. Lyonheart K is also breathtakingly beautiful. This is a truly inspiring beauty, one which excites us here at Y2DC. We not only appreciate all things interior but all aspects of design which touch us and push us to deliver truly luxurious spaces, whether in a home, aircraft, yacht or automobile.

Powered with a 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine delivering a staggering 550PS and 680Nm of torque, Lyonheart K is built around a state-of-the-art aluminium chassis covered with carbon fibre panels. The weight is under 1600kg, which gives Lyonheart K rocket-fast performance: 0-100kph under 4 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 300kph.

Lyonheart’s interior design philosophy is very simple: use only genuine materials. In the comfortable leather seats, holding the thin, graceful steering wheel, touching the elegant dashboard or any of the command switches, levers or buttons, your hands will feel nothing but chromed metal, polished or brushed aluminium, genuine leather or pure wood veneer. The engine is a beautiful aluminium jewel, unveiled when opening the traditional, front-hinged clamshell bonnet.

Lyonheart K epitomises high-technology and performance motoring, while capturing the essence of a centennial, British car-making tradition. Preorder now, and you will have the unique opportunity to enter an extremely privileged club, limited to the 50 first owners of Lyonheart K. The new legend in British motoring history: The Return Of The King.