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At the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden with its icicle architecture, snow carpets, and glacial furniture. The hotel, with its rooms of chiseled ice walls and its galleries of prefabricated crystalline forms, seem the appropriate setting for Zaha Hadid’s “Liquid Glacial” table. The piece, which recently debuted alongside the architect’s “Dune” collection at the David Gillshowroom in London, is made of clear acrylic cast in a form that, as its name implies, captures the critical point of phase change from liquid to ice. Hadid’s design impossibly freezes the rippling flows of water in motion before the surface has been allowed to settle, yielding a dramatic, highly stylized snapshot of the turbulent flows of natural systems. It’s evident that there are some higher parametric powers at work here, but we won’t disturb them, lest we provoke the wrath of their vortical forces and be blinded by their dazzling complexities. Zaha-post quota met for the week!