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by Loredana Sava, posted in Apartments, on April 29th, 2012

Not everything that is old is necessarily broken and ruined and must be destroyed. Some things keep their patina and this makes them even more beautiful. All you need to do is give them a new face, a make over, and they will look great again. For example some guys from Archi-Tectonics in New York thought of giving a new face to an old warehouse in Soho and covered it in a waterfall of glass. Underneath the apartments were given a modern look and the result can be seen in this Contemporary Schein Loft.



This loft is situated on the eighth floor and is illustrative for contemporary interior design. First of all it does not have rooms per se. They are more like open spaces overlapping each other. You know this is the dining room because you use it as a dining room, not because there are any walls and a specific furniture for this. The whole place is open and there is glass everywhere, giving you a feeling of freedom and space.

All the rooms are covered in tiles that you can see both on the floor and sometimes on the wall , too – like in the bathroom. However, the coldness of the tiles is very well combined with the warmth of the wood, as there are wooden panels and floors and also all the furniture is made of wood. It has kept the natural colour of the wood, which makes the whole picture a cozy one.

The contemporary design is completed by the leather couch and armchairs and also by the metal accessories spread here and there. The oblique windows give you a nice view and the whole place breathes comfort and style.{found on Adelto}.