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There are a few things we could be talking about today.

The Avengers. Sarkozy. How in the world Mad Mencould afford a Beatles song.

But instead, we’re talking about camping. And how you can win at it.

Up first: get a butler…

And meet Shelter Co., a fleet of wilderness-savvy hosts setting up luxury campsites all over California, taking reservations now.

Sure, roughing it has its rewards: fresh air, peace and quiet, the rare opportunity to commune with woodchucks. This is who you’ll call when you want all of that—without having to forego your morning shower.

It’ll go like this. Step one: pick where you’ll be camping (think intimate rendezvous for two or something group-oriented on the Playa). Step two: call these guys. Step three: pick your amenities (fire pits, outdoor movie theater, private restrooms—seriously). Step four: show up to your fully furnished, carpeted, European-style canvas tent and enjoy responsibly. Step five: they’ll come in and break it down for you. Boom. You did it.

Oh, and about that butler thing: you can get a camping butler, who’ll unobtrusively tend the fire, mix cocktails, roast marshmallows and provide turndown service.

You’re on your own for fending off bears.

Shelter Co.