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Your all-time, no-limits party-spot wish list goes a little something like this:

1) The Fortress of Solitude.
2) Madison Square Garden.
3) The Nestlé Toll House, circa 1930.At least one of these is totally doable today…

Introducing Eventup, a site where some comically amazing fantasy party venues are yours for the booking, available now in New York.

Before you throw the Earth Day fete they’ll tell the grandkids about, you’ll go here. They’ve got a solid chunk of New York’s finest restaurants, celebrity pads, cultural landmarks and criminally underutilized rooftops available for your merrymakings. Little hovels like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Radio City Music Hall.

But if your guest list is just a shade under 20,000 (you do have standards, after all), you can grab places like 21 Club, the Modern or the Breslin for a more intimate affair.

All you need to do is decide what kind of place you require. Maybe Bob Dylan’s old residence for a little blonde-on-blonde-themed double entendre action. Maybe Birreria for the rooftop launch of your new eponymous fragrance. From there, just choose a date, book online, and the city is your oyster.

You can also feel free to rent out your own place to Eventup if it’s got, say, a view of the High Line.

Just make sure to write your name on the chips.