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This sort of thing is why the word Tuscany carries such rich connotations all around the world. Hotel Castello di Casole stands on the site of a thousand-year-old aristocratic estate, the fruit of years of meticulous restoration by an American ownership team and an army of Italian architects and designers. It’s a restoration that was rigorously historical where it could afford to be, and yet wasn’t afraid to take some very welcome liberties — the atmosphere is timeless, classic Italian country living, which is only enhanced by the addition of modern marble baths and up-to-date electronic amenities.

Most suites stick closely to the stylistic parameters of the old castle, whether in the main building, the old priest’s quarters or the outlying farm buildings. Nine of them, though, the Oliveto Suites, are strikingly contemporary, an opportunity for the Castello to flex its modern-design muscles. They differ mostly in the aesthetic dimensions, however — comforts are consistent throughout, though there’s more space if you need it: a pair of villas and seven secluded farmhouses round out the accommodations.

Suffice it to say that very few parties will arrive with needs the Castello can’t fulfill. Add a versatile, highly professional staff and a near infinity of leisure offerings — a pool, a spa, a diverse food and beverage program and hosts who’ll arrange just about any tour or excursion you can imagine — and the result is a Tuscan hospitality experience of the highest possible standard.

How to get there:
Castello di Casole is located in the province of Siena, 20 minutes by car from Siena city center. Florence is about 40 minutes away by car. Please contact CustomerService@TabletHotels.com for further assistance.

Castello di Casole

53031 Casole d’Elsa

Siena, Italy