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New rule: good things happen when you wander into antiques stores in Nolita. Good things like discovering an opulent new shop tucked away in the back room of one.

The proprietors of this secret shop: nearly two-century-old Scottish suit-making legends Holland & Sherry, who’ll be offering custom suits, clothing and furniture along with exotic found objects in their first official store starting Monday. Herewith, the four facts you need to know.

Everything is custom. Shirts, suits, bags and furniture are all at your bespoking mercy. If that burgundy embroidered silk couch catches your eye, feel free to tell them to craft you a robe out of it. And a rug… And while they’re at it, maybe an eye patch.

If you can see it, you can have it. You’ll notice all the lobster-based taxidermy decorating the place. It’s art. French art. And it’s for sale. Just like the antique Monte Carlo gambling table the John Smedley sweaters are stacked on, and the vintage cocktail shakers in the glass case.

There’s a bar. It’s stocked with whiskey, and it’s not for decoration.

You should get on a first-name basis. Share your hopes and dreams. Grab a seat, have a dram and tell them about your vision for a more velvet-ensconced existence. It’s an intimate, homey (if home is a country that does a lot of offshore banking) enterprise. So the sooner you’re operating on a basis of mutual, impeccably tailored trust, the sooner you’ll be welcome to use that Savannah-esque sculpture garden outside for parties.

All the better to show off your new tuxedo racing suit.

Holland & Sherry
209 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012
official website