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Good news: you’re invited to a little dinner thing.
The location: undisclosed. The menu: anything you want. The guest list: intimate.
Just 4,000 people, max.
Welcome to Le Dîner á San Diego, the first SoCal throwdown of a massive roving celebration that’s part flash mob and part supper club, taking reservations now.
Here’s what you’ll want to do. First, mark your calendar for May 25. Then, make a reservation for you and as many guests as you’d like to host at your table (which will be dressed in white linens). And then… you’ll wait.
The day of the event, they’ll spill the location. (Hint: it’s somewhere in San Diego.) What we can tell you: it’s outside. It’s well known. And it’s big enough to host 4,000 adventurous diners dressed elegantly in white. (It’s not a party unless you match your table.)
As for what’s served… well, that’s up to you. You and your party will handle the food, wine, chairs and table decor, so if you want a poised six-course donut feast with crystal stemware—knock yourself out. To your right: maybe some regal pescetarian cheerleaders. To your left: some yodeling barbecue wunderkinds. Or not. Hard to say.
Four hours later, everything’s packed up in white bags, and the place looks like nothing ever happened.
In the meantime: call your donut guy.

Le Dîner á San Diego

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