The weather is beautiful. Summer’s coming soon. You can taste it.And it tastes, incidentally, like bourbon-drenched ice cream.Or it will once you meet Drunken Udder, a new service existing only to get you some generously spiked ice cream on a hot day, now delivering throughout Los Angeles.Think of this as your next barbecue’s secret weapon. Sure, everybody loves your ribs—but things will really get lively once you wave all of your guests toward the pool and bring out the bourbon salted caramel ice cream. Or the tequila lime sorbet. Or the cinnamon spiced rum. At like 2pm.This isn’t just a hey-this-tastes-a-little-like-whiskey gimmick, either. You’re basically having a cocktail in ice cream form. (You’ll get carded when you buy it.) And if you’re not the type of person to plan an alcoholic-ice-cream blowout anytime soon, we have two things to say to you:

1) It’s also on the menu at the W Westwood, Boneyard Bistro and Franklin & Company.

2) You should really reconsider throwing an alcoholic-ice-cream blowout.

Drunken Udder, $25/quart (plus $10 delivery fee), email here to arrange delivery